Anno 1790

  • 2012
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

A crime drama set in 1790 Stockholm.

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A Different Kingdom Season 1, Episode 10 Mar 8, 2012 $2.99

Swedish with English subtitles. With friends gone and his worst enemy closing in, Daadh's world has been shaken to its foundations. Because of his courage and his ability to see patterns in seemingly unrelated events, Daadh succeeds in using the challenging circumstances to his benefit. But he's also harshly confronted by his own past and forced to bargain with those in power.

The Voices of the Dead Season 1, Episode 9 Mar 1, 2012 $2.99

Swedish with English subtitles. Daadh is invited up to Uppsala by his own professor, who needs his help finding out who poisoned one of his students. Daadh involves himself in the case and quickly realizes his own life is in danger. Meanwhile, back at the Wahlstedt home in Stockholm, subversive events take place that will affect his future.

The Die is Cast Season 1, Episode 8 Feb 23, 2012 $2.99

Swedish with English subtitles. A landowner is found dead in his stables, kicked to death by his horse. After Daadh determines that the accident was a murder, he has no difficulty finding people who bore grudges against the victim. Any member of the victim's family could have done it, but the evidence is scanty and the Police Chief is demanding that someone be found guilty.

The Blind Hand of Fate Season 1, Episode 7 Feb 16, 2012 $2.99

Swedish with English subtitles. A number of children are found dead in the great piles of excrement and trash that line Stockholm's shoreline. Daadh's investigation leads him to the Great Orphanage, where they claim to know nothing about the bodies. Each year, one of the orphans is chosen to carry out the drawing in the Number Lottery, a popular event where large amounts of money are in play.

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Anno 1790 (English Subtitled)
The Age of Enlightenment, year 1790: After returning from the battlefields of a bloody war in Finland, Swedish army surgeon Johan Gustav Daadh (prono (more…)