Andy Pandy

  • 2002
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

Children's puppet series following adventures of a young boy and his friends Teddy and Looby Loo.

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Andy Pandy Season 1
Welcome to the candy-colored world of Andy Pandy and his best friends Looby Loo and Teddy. A world filled with endless fun and games played under corn (more…)
Teddy's Sunglasses
04:00 — Andy Pandy and his friends decide to have a picnic one sunny day. Andy Pandy finds some sunglasses to wear and Teddy is so impressed, he decides to ma (more…)
A Lick of Paint
04:00 — Teddy tramples on Looby Loo's favorite blue flowers. But Andy Pandy is helping Bilbo to paint his boat - with blue paint. Teddy makes some new flowers (more…)
The Box that Chimed
04:00 — Andy Pandy is woken by the sound of chiming coming from a box in his cupboard. After taking the box out to show his friends, Bilbo identifies the box (more…)
04:00 — Teddy is finding it difficult to do a painting of his house. So Andy Pandy suggests a novel way of getting his house onto paper - with some paper and (more…)
The Bubble
04:00 — Andy Pandy manages to blow a big bubble which follows him everywhere he goes. He tries to leave it with each of his friends with no luck until the bub (more…)
The Picnic
05:00 — Great excitement in the garden when Looby Loo plans a picnic. While helping,Teddy manages to break her plates. But Andy Pandy has a solution. He shows (more…)
The Puddle
05:00 — On a windy rainy day, Andy Pandy and Looby Loo make a boat to sail on a puddle of rain-water. But after a little while, the wind has dried the puddle (more…)
Hide and Seek
05:00 — Andy Pandy and his friends are playing Hide and Seek. Teddy forgets it's his turn to seek and nods off to sleep. His friends search high and low but c (more…)
Tiffo and his Stick
04:00 — Andy Pandy and his friends are spring-cleaning. But Teddy would rather play with Tiffo the dog and throws a stick for him to fetch. When Looby Loo's f (more…)
A Flying Feather
04:00 — When Andy Pandy sees a brightly colored feather lying on the Green, Andy Pandy thinks this would be a perfect present for Looby Loo. But the feather i (more…)
A Noisy Supper
04:00 — Andy Pandy and Looby Loo discover that all sorts of food can make different sounds. Looby Loo suggests they should all get together and have a noisy s (more…)
The Birthday Cake
04:00 — Andy Pandy thinks it's Looby Loo's birthday and asks for help from his friends to throw a surprise party for her. Andy Pandy tries to make a cake but (more…)
Bell Ringers
04:00 — Andy Pandy finds a shiny bell in his cupboard and Teddy rushes about, ringing it as loudly as he can. Everyone agrees that the noise is a bit of nuisa (more…)
The Man from the Moon
04:00 — While Andy Pandy and Looby Loo are looking through an old telescope Teddy gets stuck inside a large carton he found. While Teddy staggers around tryin (more…)
Puppeteer Pandy
04:00 — When Andy Pandy makes a glove puppet out of an old sock and some buttons, Teddy sees this as an opportunity to pull Missy Hissy's (non-existent) leg. (more…)
Andy Pandy's Musical Box
04:00 — Andy Pandy finds a music box. Inside is a ballerina and when you turn the handle, music plays. Bilbo suggests they have a ball and for Looby Loo to gi (more…)
A Model Bear
05:00 — Teddy makes a plastic model of a mouse. On his way to show Looby, he is ambushed by Tiffo and the model is destroyed. Andy Pandy shows him how to make (more…)
The Big Spring Clean
05:00 — Andy Pandy and Teddy are helping Looby Loo with her spring cleaning. Teddy manages to break a portrait of Looby Loo. But with Andy Pandy's help and so (more…)
Growing Pains
05:00 — Looby Loo has organized a picnic. Teddy just can't wait to get started, so Andy Pandy shows Teddy how to make cress shapes - and while he is doing so, (more…)
The Nest
04:00 — Andy Pandy and his friends discover a bird's nest with 3 eggs inside. They decide to try and keep them warm with Teddy's help. After sitting on the eg (more…)
A String in the Tale
04:00 — Andy Pandy is preparing to send a parcel to his cousin. Teddy comes to play and finds the box. He enjoys playing in it as a rocket etc. But Andy Pandy (more…)
The Balloon
05:00 — Andy Pandy and Teddy are having fun with a balloon one day when it blows away. It makes a circuit of the garden and everyone it visits imagines it to (more…)
Andy Pandy's Band
04:00 — Teddy finds Looby Loo dancing outside her house. He thinks she ought to have some music to accompany her. But how? Andy Pandy makes several musical in (more…)
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  • Premiered: March 25, 2002
  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: Children's puppet series following adventures of a young boy and his friends Teddy and Looby Loo.

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