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Ally McBeal

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Ally Mcbeal
Ally Mcbeal

0:43 Ally Mcbeal


  • 2002 - Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy - nominated
  • 2002 - Golden Globe - Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy - nominated
  • 2001 - Golden Globe - Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy - nominated
  • 2001 - Emmy - Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - nominated

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Calista Flockhart
Ally McBeal
Jane Krakowski
Peter MacNicol
John Cage

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That '70s Show

8 Seasons
A sitcom about a group of teenagers nearing on maturity in the 1970s. They deal with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, as well as disco, leisure suits and, of course, parents.
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1998 TVPG Comedy, Other


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Forensic anthropologist Temperance "Bones" Brennan and her team work with the FBI to solve murders by identifying victims from their remains in a procedural series inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs.
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That '80s Show

1 Season
It should not require a Ph.D. to figure out that the Fox Network sitcom That '80s Show was cooked up by the same people responsible for Fox's popular "retro" laugh-spinner That '70s Show. Set in San Diego during the "Decade of Excess," the series followed the exploits of a group of twentysomethings, each of whom represented an easily recognizable stereotype of the era. Corey (Glenn Howerton), an aspiring musician, lived with his entrepreneurial dad R.T. (Geoffrey Pierson), the inventor of such mail-order wonders as the "Gut Whacker," and his sensible kid sister Katie (Tinsley Grimes). Corey worked at Permanent Records, an operation owned by Margaret (Margaret Smith), an earthy leftover from the hippie era; another of Margaret's employees was Tuesday (Chyler Leigh), the series' resident "punker," colorful hair and all. In his off-hours, Corey hung out at Club Berlin with his mercenary ex-girlfriend Sophia (Brittany Daniel) and his Reagan-worshipping best bud Roger (Eddie Shin). That '80s Show was first broadcast on January 23, 2002.
31   Metascore
2002 TV14 Comedy, Other

In Living Color

5 Seasons
The brainchild of comic actor Keenen Ivory Wayans, the Fox comedy variety series In Living Color has been described variously as the "black Laugh-In" and the "black Saturday Night Live." Whatever the case, the series garnered big laughs and bigger ratings by applying a hip, cutting-edge, Afrocentric slant on modern American culture, with freewheeling spoofs and satires of popular films, TV shows, commercials and music -- especially music. During In Living Color's first years on the air, the proceedings were dominated by Keenen Ivory Wayans and his multi-talented brothers, Damon Wayans, Kim Wayans, Shawn Wayans and (beginning with season four) Marlon Wayans. Also featured in the series' rotating repertory company were such brilliant black entertainers as David Alan Grier, T'Keyah "Crystal" Kehmah, Jamie Foxx, and Chris Rock, along with the show's "token white guy" Jim Carrey. Music was provided by some of the top R&B and rap artists in the country (Queen Latifah, Flavor Flav, and Heavy D to name but three of the many) with backup provided by the scantily-clad "Fly Girls" (one of whom was a young Jennifer Lopez). Merrily exploiting and skewering a variety of ethnic stereotypes, the series' recurring sketches and characters included "Men on Film," featuring a pair of flamboyantly gay movie critics, Blaine and Antoine ("Two snaps up"); Homey D. Clown, a dour urban kiddie entertainer ("Homey don't play that!"); SW-1 and Twist (Shawn Wayans, Leroy Casey), the show's exuberant veejays; "The Home Boys," a couple of streetwise scam artists named Wiz and Ice ("Mo' money!"), "Hey Mon," the ongoing saga of a West Indian family named the Hedleys; "The Buttmans," who looked exactly as you would expect them to look; Handi-Man, a multiple-handicapped superhero; Fire Marshall Bill (Jim Carrey), a hideously disfigured safety expert; and Wanda Wayne (played by Jamie Foxx), the ugliest, horniest gal in the 'hood. Also represented via impersonation and caricature were a number of A-list celebrities both black and white: Arsenio Hall, Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison, Della Reese, Ray Charles, and many others. By the time In Living Color had entered its fifth season, all but one of the Wayans Brothers had left the show, following the lead of Keenen Ivory Wayans, who was unhappy with Fox's policy of censoring certain sketches and of overexposing existing episodes, thereby hurting their future profitability in syndication. Debuting April 15, 1990, In Living Color ran until August 25, 1994.
1990 TV14 Comedy, Other

Call Me Kat

3 Seasons
A 39-year-old woman decides to spend her life savings on a cat café in Louisville.
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2021 TV14 Comedy, Other

Last Man Standing

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A manly sporting-goods store marketing boss decides to spend more time at home with his daughters.
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