The Complete First Season
In this award-winning action web series, secret agent Nick Green lives the ultimate double life-by day he is an average high school kid and by night h (more…)
Episode 6
09:00 — When Nick spots Boris at the swim meet, he runs into the locker room, right into another gang of thugs who are looking for him. Unfortunately for Marc (more…)
Episode 5
08:00 — Nick goes to the swim meet to see Amanda, and she lets Nick in on her big secret. However, his date with Amanda is cut short when Nick spots the forme (more…)
Episode 1
07:00 — Nick Green is one of the top agents for the U.S. Government. He's also got a paper on Crime and Punishment due Tuesday and a biology quiz this afterno (more…)
Episode 2
10:00 — Marcus catches Nick on "job" disclosing his deep, dark secret to not have Nick kill him; Nick has a break-through with the girl of his dreams, while h (more…)
Episode 4
12:00 — After Amanda ditches Nick, he sneaks out and goes to Marcus's house and decides to quit being an agent, it's really cutting into his social life. Nick (more…)
Episode 3
07:00 — Nick is forced to choose between doing his job and making his date with the girl of his dreams. To make matters worse, the mob hit from the other day (more…)