60 Minutes

The granddaddy (and the Rolls-Royce) of newsmagazines, it set the standard for all that followed, and has kept on ticking on CBS since Sept. 24, 1968, with its familiar format of three stories (most of them hard news) and a commentary or two.

Season 53, Episode 7 Putin's Public Enemy; Dr. Fauci; Hell Flight

First Aired: October 18, 2020

The Russian opposition leader claims President Vladimir Putin poisoned him with a banned nerve agent that's said to be 10x more powerful than sarin. The director of the NIAID gives the latest information on how the U.S. is faring in the pandemic. Early in the pandemic, dozens of cruise ship passengers sick or infected with COVID-19 returned to the U.S. on a hellish charter flight. They were inexplicably allowed by the CDC in the world's busiest airport and risk spreading the virus.