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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist's Jane Levy Promises a More 'Decisive Direction' for Zoey's Love Life

And we are heading for another glitch!

Megan Vick

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist fans may have been taken by surprise at the beginning of the season when Zoey (Jane Levy) decided to give her relationship with Max (Skylar Astin) a go so soon after the death of her father, Mitch (Peter Gallagher). They may have been even more surprised when the relationship completely fell apart three episodes later. Then, in last Sunday's episode, Simon's (John Clarence Stewart) reemerged feelings for Zoey came to an insanely sexy boiling point when he sang a slow-tempo version of Ariana Grande's "I'm So Into You" to Zoey in her kitchen. It should shock no one that Zoey kissed Simon after that intensely intimate performance, but fans definitely had feelings about it, and Levy is setting the record straight. 

"I saw many people fuming about Zoey's lack of decision making, her flip-flop decision making," the actress told TV Guide ahead of Sunday's new episode. "In some ways, I think that's a good sign because people are invested in this story."

"Zoey is going through — maybe saying it's a 'manic period' is too strong of a word — but I do think that when you are still processing the loss of somebody, grieving, trying not to grieve anymore, trying to just continue to live your life, you're gonna make some mistakes when something this big happens," said Levy. "So, I think it had to happen. She and Simon's connection was never seen through. She had to try. And moving forward, by the end of the season, there will be much more of a decisive direction that she's going, in terms of romance." 

Of course, complications are on the way. As Zoey and Simon are finding their footing in this new stage of their relationship, Zoey's powers are going to glitch after Mo (Alex Newell) takes her to see a medium. In last year's glitch, Zoey started singing her own heart songs out loud instead of being able to hear everyone else's. In this year's glitch episode, the heart songs have been switched, and Zoey has to figure out which song belongs to each person in her life. 

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"This was a particularly hard episode for Mandy [Moore, choreographer] because there's a language that has been created in our show in terms of movement and heart songs. For someone to be singing someone else's heart song is a whole different form of storytelling," explained Levy. "How do people perform other people's heart songs? Are they imitations of other people? Or are they fully channeling them in that moment, and are they possessed by the person's innermost feelings? These are all things that we talked about."

"For me, it was ripe for comedy, which is always fun to do. I love anything that really has to do with her powers. I love when our show talks about the mythology or dives into what is going on with the superpower, and so in that way, this episode was fun for me," Levy said. 

While Levy had fun performing the episode, the heart song switcheroos are going to lead to an emotional reveal that is going to challenge Zoey in ways we haven't seen before. The question is: Will she figure out the heart songs' true owners before it's too late to do anything about it?

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist airs Sundays at 9/8c on NBC. 

Jane Levy, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Jane Levy, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist