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The Trailer for the Zack Snyder's Four-Hour Justice League Cut Is Finally Here

Yes, that is 45 minutes longer than Titanic

Michael Rougeau

Zack Snyder fans finally got their wish during DC's digital FanDome event: They got a glimpse at the infamous "Snyder Cut" of the 2017 movie Justice League, by way of a brand new trailer.

The Snyder Cut trailer, which leaked online earlier in the day, displays several scenes that weren't in the original theatrical version of the movie, including iconic DC villain Darkseid, Superman's super goth black super suit, Silas Stone being disintegrated by a Motherbox, and more.

During the panel, Snyder also revealed that his Justice League cut will be much longer than the original. "Four hours of Justice League is coming your way," Snyder said. "We're gonna work on a way of bundling it together so you can watch it as a single film if that's the way you want to experience it."

Justice League was roundly maligned on its release, and many of the movie's issues were blamed on a famously troubled production that saw Snyder exit the project to be replaced by Joss Whedon. Fans of Snyder's filmmaking style quickly began clamoring for the "Snyder cut," and after three years, Warner Bros. has finally caved to the pressure, finding a home for the Snyder Cut on HBO Max.

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Snyder also promised that they're "working on a distribution plan" to get the movie released in theaters as well as on the streaming platform.

Snyder dropped hints throughout the panel that revealed some things about his cut of the movie. "Cyborg is the heart of the movie," the filmmaker said. "Cyborg is the thing that I think, in the end, holds the team together in a lot of ways. I'm excited for fans to see just how that is realized."

Snyder also promised we're going to see "tons more of the Flash." He elaborated following a question from Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins about something he can reveal in the Snyder Cut that fans haven't seen before: "You're gonna see something of Flash in this film I don't think that you've ever seen before--something that has to do with his abilities. He's a quantum character; he interacts with time and space, so you might see him do something that is awesome."

Snyder also chatted with fans who were part of the #snydercut "movement" over the past few years.

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