Zach Braff by Mitchell Haaseth/ABC Zach Braff by Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Though the status of Scrubs is up in the air - and will continue to be until the mid-May upfronts - Zach Braff is certain about one thing: If the season finale winds up being the series finale, fans will be left none too satisfied. "[Series creator] Bill Lawrence doesn't love cliff-hangers, but everyone sort of talked him into doing it this season, and he put a giant one at the end," Braff told at a Thursday press event for The Ex (in theaters next Friday). "So if this were the end of the series, knowing what the [cliff-hanger] is, I think the entire fan base would be furious." (Check out Ausiello's vodcast No. 10 for more on the big twist.)

Of course, should NBC take a pass on Scrubs' seventh season, ABC Entertainment prez Stephen McPherson might swoop in and lay claim to the show he years ago developed for (but could not slot on) the Alphabet. Sharing McPherson's metaphor for the situation, Braff said, "He tried to give the baby to his parent, but the parent didn't want it. But now that the baby could be up for adoption and he's in a position to care for the child... yeah, ABC seems to want it." - Reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich