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YouTube Celebrity Comes Out as Gay in Incredibly Raw and Emotional Video

Now this is how you use a platform to share a powerful message.

Robyn Ross

YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen has come out in an incredibly emotional video.

On Tuesday, the beauty guru began the 19-minute vlog by saying, "K, I'm doing this. I guess I am just going to get right to it. There's something that I want you to know and that something is I'm gay. It feels so good to say that," she said as she choked up.

Nilsen, who has 3.3 million subscribers, spoke about having past heterosexual relationships, but says that she's always been gay. "It's just something I've always known from my earliest memories ... it's just been there. This is not something that I chose," she said. "This is something that's been a part of me and has always been a part of me."

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As for coming out now, she finished the video by saying, "I'm proud of who I am and I'm not going to apologize for who I am anymore. This is the life I've always lived in my head and now it's real, and I can't believe it's real. I've just dreamed about taking this piece of me inside that cabinet and putting it in that space it's always has inside of me. I'm giving myself my best chance and so should you."