FXX's critically acclaimed comedy You're the Worst has given viewers a lot to love in its two short seasons, but nothing has been more memorable than the show's exciting Sunday Funday (better than a Monday!) episodes, which have become something of a tradition.

On Tuesday, series creator Stephen Falk confirmed at the Television Critics Association fall previews that the show's upcoming third season (premiering Aug. 31, 10/9c) would feature another installment of everyone's favorite weekend drinking adventure, this time one that's scavenger hunt themed.

"It's called 'The Last Sunday Funday,' and it's sort of us doing it again and acknowledging that we're doing it again," said Falk. "The characters realize that Sunday Funday has been co-opted by the general public, and now everyone's doing it. There's signs advertising Sunday Funday mimosas and people wearing Sunday Funday shirts, as we have noticed in actual society... So we're embracing all of that and doing it, but doing it for the last time."

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In addition to the return of the best day of the week, here's what else we learned about Season 3 during the show's panel.

Big guest stars: Real life musician Ben Folds will make a guest appearance as a "twisted version of Ben Folds" in an upcoming episode. "Gretchen [Aya Cash] is a music publicist and there's new clients to be had," explained Falk about how Folds came to be part of the series.

Talkin' it out: Gretchen will take the plunge and go to therapy in an attempt to manage her clinical depression in Season 3. Orange Is the New Black's Samira Wiley will appear in Season 3 as Gretchen's no nonsense therapist, and in typical You're the Worst fashion, it won't be easy for Gretchen to open up. But hey, she's trying! Sort of.

Edgar's issues return: Although the series took a step back from addressing Edgar's (Desmin Borges) PTSD last season in order to focus on Gretchen's depression, Edgar's issues will be front and center in Season 3. "I felt a responsibility if we were going to bring up combat issues back home, that we couldn't just let it drop," said Falk. "We had to at least deal with it in a real way. I felt this season was the right time, and we had a good story to tell."

"A lot of last season, for Edgar, was about him finally taking the plunge into actually attempting to transition into civilian-hood," added Borges. "I think this season is really all about taking ownership for who you are and how you want the next phase of your life to be."

Lindsay goes there, again: Last season, Lindsay (Kether Donohue) artificially inseminated herself with a turkey baster, and in the season finale, she reunited with estranged husband Paul (Allan McLeod) after he found out about the pregnancy. This season, Lindsay will do something that somehow tops the turkey baster incident. "I think Lindsay has a lot of inner rage that is not properly placed," Donohue teased about her character's arc in Season 3. "It comes out impulsively, particularly with Paul."

You're the Worst Season 3 premieres Wednesday Aug. 31 at 10/9c on FXX.