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You Can Get Dozens of Terry Pratchett Discworld Novels for Just $18

The latest Humble book bundle offers tremendous value for fantasy readers

Phil Owen

Disclaimer: When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The late author Terry Pratchett was beloved for his expansive series of novels set in his fantasy universe called Discworld, a flat world that sits on the backs of four elephants, which are standing on the back of a giant turtle. If you're not familiar with these books, well, they don't take themselves too seriously--these satirical novels are parodies of every aspect of pop culture, particularly British pop culture. And there are a lot of them, literally dozens, but right now you can buy in bulk thanks to a new Humble Bundle that includes up to 39 Discworld novels in ebook form via Kobo.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld Humble Bundle


There are three tiers to this bundle. For $1, you get three Discworld novels, including The Color of Magic, which was the very first title in this series. But if you bump the price up to $10, you get nine Discworld novels, and you can get the full bundle, with all 39 available titles, for just $18. This deal runs through the end of January. Like all Humble Bundles, your purchase will help a good cause. In this case, you're supporting Room to Read, a nonprofit that promotes literacy in lower-income areas as well as gender equality in education.

While 39 books might sound a bit daunting, the Discworld novels all stand on their own to some degree--this series tells lots of individual stories set in this universe, rather than one big, long one. That means there's no real correct order to read these books, and so you can jump in wherever sounds the most interesting to you. There are certainly characters and places that show up repeatedly across the series, but the stories work on their own.

When you buy the bundle, you get the ebooks via Kobo, and you can read them using the Kobo app on any mobile device, tablet or computer, or dedicated Kobo eReaders, and they can work with other ebook readers like Amazon's Kindle with a couple extra steps.

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