Y'know, I'm about to do a rare thing here and admit I was completely wrong. (And wouldn't the world be better if more people in this world could do that?) I was hard on this show when it first debuted, blaming it for, essentially, not being my beloved BBC-version The Office. But it's grown on me and it's gotten funnier... a lot funnier, while still maintaining the kind of sad undertone that made The Office so good. Andy and Maggie's argument over whether one can have kids and still be gay; Les Dennis' mid-play meltdown; Lizzie saying her father tells her she'll have all the friends she'll need when she's famous; Maggie begging that same father to let her take a sandwich with her as he kicks her out of his daughter's party; Maggie's laugh-out-loud line when she calls Andy late in the night to ask him whether he'd rather have a bionic arm or leg and says she'd choose the leg, but hers would be for kicking. Good stuff. Sad stuff, too, but undeniably good. And for my money, Ashley Jensen is one of the best things to happen to U.S. TV comedy in a long time.