Y'know, I can see Franco being annoyed at Sean for spilling the beans on his nurse thing, and his Laura thing (despite the fact that I've always believed a liar bears ultimate responsibility for his fibs rather than those whom he's entrusted with the secrets), but to punch him in the face while he's putting his shirt on? C'mon. Though when Sean screws up again and mentions the waitress, another shot is fair enough. (Though since saying the nurse was about the pills worked, maybe the waitress was about... gravy fries?) On to Lou, though, who's starting in on Candy about what she does for a living. Uh, you met her when you hired her, dummy. It's not like you didn't know. Then more yelling, this time from ghostly Jimmy, who's p---ed Tommy still hasn't gotten Sheila pregnant. It occurs to me that the first time he demanded that, he kneed him in the groin. Not really a productive move (no pun intended), I'm thinking.

Moving on, how can Tommy read about the side effects of Janet's antidepressants and still pop one? The Wow-chips effect alone would have been enough to make me keep my distance. Anyway, it takes a good 10 minutes of Tommy offering croissants, polishing the rig and playing Cyrano de Bergerac before I realize it's the stolen pills doing it. (And again, I'm glad that's the only result they show us.) Funny bit at first, but by the time the hockey game finishes, I've had absolutely enough of the goofball use sex, marriage and poetry or no sex, marriage and poetry. As for the ending montage... poor Lou. We already knew he was gonna get his heart shredded in this new "relationship," before the ace of spades.