Britney Spears; Dog the Bounty Hunter Britney Spears; Dog the Bounty Hunter
Emmy Award winner Doug Abeles has been the head writer for Saturday Night Live 's "Weekend Update" since 2003.

January 15
While in the press room following the Golden Globes, Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington used a homophobic slur in reference to cast mate T.R. Knight. What's weird is that the question he was responding to was, "Who are you wearing?"

January 24
Tyra Banks took an HIV test on her show and revealed the results on the air. Banks said she felt it was important to educate viewers about the importance of not having sex with her.

April 19
30 Rock's Alec Baldwin came under fire after the insult-laden voicemail message he left for his 11-year-old daughter was made public. The first time I heard the tape, I remember thinking, "What kind of terrible human being would make their dad that angry?"

May 3
A videotape made by his daughter shows a drunk David Hasselhoff attempting to eat a hamburger in his Las Vegas home. Proving true the popular slogan, "What happens in Vegas ends up on YouTube."

June 6
CBS reversed its decision to cancel Jericho after fans sent the network 50,000 pounds of nuts. The only person happier than Skeet Ulrich was Mr. Peanut.

August 17
High School Musical 2 became the highest-rated basic-cable broadcast in U.S. history, cementing Disney Channel's plans for a big-screen High School Musical 3. And for slightly less ambitious viewers, they're producing Vo-Tech School Musical.

September 9
Britney Spears turned in a dismal, lackluster performance at MTV's Video Music Awards. Look for Britney to bounce back in next season's "Dancing with Washed-up Hillbillies."

October 2
ABC premiered Cavemen, a sitcom based on characters from the well-known GEICO insurance commercials. Meanwhile, CBS announced plans to replace Criminal Minds' Mandy Patinkin with the Aflac duck.

October 16
Ellen DeGeneres broke down and sobbed while telling her audience how her adopted dog Iggy was taken away from the family she'd given it to. Later, Iggy told a group of dogs how relieved he is that Ellen can no longer force him to dance with her.

October 22
Marie Osmond fainted onstage during ABC's live broadcast of Dancing with the Stars. Apparently, she's a little bit country... and a little bit asthmatic.

November 1
A&E indefinitely suspended Duane Chapman's show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, after a tape surfaced of him repeatedly using the N-word. Chapman said he hopes to return to television with a new series, "Dog the Unemployed Racist."

November 28
Three weeks after television writers went on strike, Carson Daly crossed the picket line to resume work on his show. So if you've been missing your dose of late-night funny... you'll just have to keep waiting.

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