Cece Frey Cece Frey

It was a rough night for The X Factor, starting with Simon Cowell calling in sick for the Kansas City auditions. That meant Irish record executive Louis Walsh joined Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears at the judging table for the first half of Wednesday's episode. But Simon's absence was only the start of a rollercoaster night that included not one, but two calls to 911! Oh, and there were some memorable performances, too.

Vanilla Ice Reborn

The first surprise: 18-year old Kansas City native Rizzloe Jones. The young teen shocked the auditorium with his freestyle rap, which included hardcore mentions of marshmallows, L.A. and even the Queen of Pop, Britney, herself. "I felt like you were a young Vanilla Ice, ice baby." Britney said before Jones racked up four solid yesses from the judges.

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The Mind Games Have Begun

Instead of warming up her vocals, mail clerk CeCe Frey decided to spend her time backstage assessing the other contestants and trying to throw them off their game. Quoting every reality star before her, Cece declared, "I'm not in this thing to make friends," shortly before taking the stage. Unfortunately, she was all bark and no bite in her first song, getting her ballad cut off by Demi. But after convincing the judges to give her a second chance, CeCe more than impressed with her Christina Aguilera cover, earning a unanimous pass to the next round.

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This Is One Way to Steal the Show

Deangelo Wallace thought he was all that, dissing the judges — and even Justin Bieber! — at every turn. Unfortunately, the combination of his cocky attitude and off-pitch performance prompted the judges to walk off stage without even bothering to give a critique. But Deangelo wasn't prepared to go home empty-handed. Following his performance, the young teen and his cousin ran out of the building, stealing a $3,000 microphone in the process. Police soon chased them down and arrested the still-singing Deangelo.

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Back with a Vengeance

Kansas City might have missed out on Simon's snark, but he more than made up for his absence once he returned in San Francisco. Some of his choice digs of the night: "That was like something out of a horror movie," "I won't remember you in 15 minutes," and "You're a bit like a singing candle: you just stand there and melt." But the real kicker? "I wouldn't play that at my funeral." Oomph — that had to hurt!

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Diamond in the Rough

Thirteen-year-old Diamond White was as cute as she was talented. The tween's cover of "It's a Man's World" showed off her impressive pipes to the point where even Simon had to smile. Add to that Diamond's tear-jerking story of being raised by a single mom in a shoebox apartment and she is definitely a contestant who can win over audience's hearts (and who definitely deserves to win that $5 million grand prize).

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What's in a Name?

Panda definitely earned the title of the night's most outrageous contestant. First off, the singer got her name when she was born in prison to a black mother who shared a cell with a white woman (if that makes any sense). But strange nomenclatures aside, Panda wowed the judges with her powerhouse performance and soared into the next round. Unfortunately, Panda, who had left the hospital only the day before for a case of pneumonia, took ill immediately following her audition and had to be put in an ambulance. Her biggest concern at the time: "I can't let Simon see me like this."

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