WWE Smackdown courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Smackdown courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment

Pull out the spandex and get ready to get on your WWE SmackDown. The show, which moved from CW to MyNetworkTV, will be hitting the ring Fridays, starting October 3 (8 pm/ET). As we previously reported, SmackDown is moving homes from CW (formerly UPN), where it became one of the most-watched programs on television and was known as Friday Night SmackDown!

Not only does the show have a new home, however, but it will also get a special kick-off with a big extravaganza: For the first time ever, the annual WrestleMania will be televised, courtesy MyNetworkTV. The 'net will be featuring highlights from the event, including the face-off between Floyd Mayweather and Big Show, on Thursday, October 2 (8 pm/ET).

WrestleMania, no doubt, will only be the sweaty intro for a new season of blood, cheering and maybe even a few tears. If you're already missing your wrestling fix, here's your chance to soak it all up from the comfort of your couch - in just a few short months. - Anna Dimond

Ready to throw a few punches to prep for the fall lineup? Try out some clips of SmackDown instead, with our Online Video Guide.

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