Wow, and wow. I had just started getting some sleep after pondering all the theories that sprouted after last week's episode and now all this new information is guaranteed to give me a few more sleepless nights. Let's see, for starters Dick and Beaver are worth more dead than alive. Now which woman in their life is best described by a certain Kanye West tune? Kendall? Could be, she's made her money-grubbing motives clear from the very start. But would she really be willing to off an entire busload of kids for cash? Doesn't seem entirely likely to me, but stranger things have happened in Neptune. And Betina was also after Dick for the cash, which might give Dick a motive to send that bus careening over the cliff. Though he really does seem oblivious to everything, and he's just plain crass. ("Sometimes you don't need the prettiest horse, just the one who let's you ride bareback.") His other insults to the Asian physics instructor make me lean toward thinking he's ignorant asking for Chinese food and telling Logan, "It's not me, it's Wu." What a jerk. He's been bugging me so much lately that I had Matt Mitovich ask Jason Dohring why Dick and Logan would even be friends. Click here for his answer. We also discovered that Rhonda's family got a big payout for a case unrelated to the bus accident, and that Veronica's chance at the Kane scholarship might be stolen by a rich chick. I don't think it is a coincidence that Veronica's English teacher is boring her to tears with The Golden Bowl, which is just teeming with good old class issues, murder and adultery: There's got to be something to that. Especially since the "Tinseltown Diaries" reaired in this episode, they wouldn't just play it again for fun. I did, however, really enjoy the bizarre budding friendship between Wallace and Logan now that was an unexpected twist. And of course the best moments of the night were between Veronica and Logan, their interrupted make-out scene in the car, and their exchange after recalling Lucky and Dick's comments.

Veronica: "Remind me... why did we break up?"
Logan: "You thought the other guy had greener grass. Or was it something about me being too much man? No, wait. It was you.... You were too much man."

From anyone else I'd be annoyed, but this is what I've come to expect and adore with this lovably conceited jerk. Along with his quip to Veronica after she said she hadn't been sleeping: "Thoughts of me? I get it. Sometimes I am up all night just thinking about myself."

Ah, good old Logan. And I know that Veronica's running on fumes because of her nightmares, but they are utterly fascinating. With the water running by, the creepy drawings, the I Am God message (which has to be more than a song) and the cell-phone calls... I'm glad that I'm not haunted like that. I've already got too many thoughts rolling around in my head at night. And the eerie accusation from Meg ("In Veronicaland no pulse, no privacy") is sure to keep her from sleeping for a little while at least.

As usual, if you've got questions for Veronica Mars' head honcho Rob Thomas send them in here.