Wow. Was it too soon for a Jet Blue joke? No. Not when it's clever enough to examine watching your own plane crash, while you're on it. And not when host Steve Carell plays dumb while mentioning both male seahorses giving birth and Scott Baio (who stars as attorney Bob Loblaw on Monday's Arrested Development  I'm laughing already. Say that name out loud. See?). Pretty bold of Carell coming out the way he did, all "I'm a big star now" and "I may even be gay." 

So now that I'm a fan of Carell's, why didn't they use him more? Not even on Weekend Update. Who are all these new "featured" guys, and why does one of them think he's Jimmy Fallon? I think they all got more airtime than Darrell Hammond, which is weird. Anyway, Update. Horatio instead of Tina, ha. Or so I thought. Horatio didn't laugh till the very end, even though he got me with "Stabby Von Killerson." Maybe you had to be there.

Poehler's funny. Seth Meyers, got it. Mike Myers? Cameo. Kanye calls him Wayne? I love it. That guy named Finesse or something? Still not sure. Chris Parnell? Consistent. Fred Armisen, underestimated. And that Kenan sure loves him some Bill Cosby, and we are rewarded for it. Which only leaves one person, the one who we'll never know if he wants the part or not. How do they pick who gets to play the president anyway? I mean, sometimes it's just obvious  but is there a competition, or do they just pick the guy who looks the most like the president? Mr. Forte, I prefer your Zell Miller, but the way your George W. said "I don't like wake-up calls, I'm a sleeper-inner" started this season well.