Wow  what an odd week for Agrestic. The residents were a bit off-kilter, but the change was needed.Particularly for Celia, whose breast-cancer revelation triggers a rapid, though hilarious, transformation. As she gives away her clothes and defies the PTA by refusing to bake muffins (no!), she informs them that she will instead take the last Quaalude on Earth. Celia cracking up rocks! Screw 'em all! Also weirder than usual is Nancy's youngest son, Shane. He writes rap lyrics, despite being a "bitch a-- white boy," to lash out at not fitting in. So they say. But Celia has an unusually tender chat with him. Embracing her new, no-cares attitude, she encourages Shane to let his "freak flag fly." If only someone had said that to me when I was his age. Speaking of freak, Nancy is a bit shaken up after having her "shootin' cherry broke" at Heylia's. But does anyone think Heylia usually has guns under the table, at the ready for a drive-by? I know you gotta be quick on the draw in those situations, but that was too much. The highlight of the week had to be Nancy's brother-in-law getting arrested after deciding to go into the biz for himself. When he learns he was in possession of less than one ounce, he is furious. But truth be told, this moment wasn't really about Andy. His liberal, lava-lamp-displaying attorney stole the show with "There used to be an unbroken spiritual bond between dealer and buyer." Not only does she feel his pain about being cheated, but she returns it "with a renewed sense of outrage." Again, I find myself thinking this could only happen in California.