Wow. How exhausting to watch these teens meet the physical demands of therapy. It was almost as if I, too, had trekked 7 miles uphill while battling a blizzard. As an asthmatic, I gasped along with wheezing Lexie, whose lungs struggled from overexertion and the frigid climate. Still, unrelenting and occasionally dangerous exercise proved oddly effective. Rather then the typical endorphin rush that follows vigorous exercise, treacherous journeys indeed stir the entire pot: Meltdowns and breakthroughs occurred, which may have been easier to induce since their young spirits were nearly broken.

Angry, and allegedly violent, Frank, helped little Derek, who had taken a tumble. Shawn got off to an irritable start due to a large load he carried. As the hike progressed, Shawn spoke honestly about being adopted and his feelings of abandonment, the true source of his wrath. The one teen I get the most pleasure from, whose breakthrough is yet to come, is Jada. She makes me howl with laughter. Identified as a compulsive liar, she told her parents that she is made to eat until she vomits (not true). And when she learned that she tested positive for cocaine, she insisted she didn't know that was the substance she used! That's always a good way out! Counselor Flying Eagle said it best, "I think integrity is something you do in the dark."