I was wondering if I'd like John Leguizamo's character Dr. Clemente. I knew I'd like John himself, although I imagined him singing all his lines à la Moulin Rouge (hey, you either loved it or hated it me, I loved it). But would I like his ER character?  When no one wanted to get Clemente to help with the hyperactive drugged-out guy, I decided I loved him after he said this line: "Hey even if you think I'm a pain in the ass, it should never get in the way of patient care." Sold. But I sure was glad they decided to give Kristen Johnston the week off we longtime ER fans need baby steps to accept new people. Too funny that some of the women are already eyeing Clemente. Nice subtle up-and-down look Samantha gave him, and even Neela (shocker!) referred to him as "kinda hot." Best story line was Luka with the six-year-coma patient, Blaire how horrible for her to wake up to find out her husband was remarried and her mother was killed. I was freakin' out when she went back into the coma, so I look forward to seeing how she progresses. Since I'm three-fourths Serbian, it was great to see the Croatian Goran Visnjic play so beautifully with the Serbian Stana Katic. Other highlights:
- Jessica Hecht's character's boyfriend still loving her after she had a double mastectomy, and Abby getting her first-ever mammogram. Excellent timing  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
- Dubenko thanking Abby for his successful "date" with the classy prostitute. ("We're both professionals.")
- Pratt's father wanting to make up for lost time. Go, Danny Glover!
- Clemente sneaking Ray the name of the tobacco plant. Sold again.

One lowlight:
- The "please pass the salt" way they dealt with Sherry Stringfield leaving the show for the second time. "Dr. Lewis is never coming in again. She took a tenure-track position in Iowa City." Dave Anderson

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