How wonderful was it that Charlie used math to do a seating chart for a wedding? Only this geeky guy could come up with an elaborate plan for something that's plagued brides for years. Also totally charmed by the fact that Charlie had a crush on the girl who Don took to the prom, which set up a whole feud between the two siblings. Guess that's what happens when you are a genius and graduate high school the same year as your big bro, but you are only 13. Thought it was nice that the brothers were able to put aside their sibling rivalry again and embrace their current situation. Their growing tolerance and acceptance of each other has been such a great ongoing theme this season. Oh, and the case this week was fascinating, with the counterterrorism terrorists that were working from the inside to show the flaws in the system and reveal Homeland Security's responsibility for deaths in the current Iraq war. Just a bit troublesome in my mind that the Homeland Security honcho didn't want to cooperate with the FBI guys and was annoyed at the mathematical analysis. He was more willing to put a few lives in danger than to stop his all-important drills. That's a little unsettling.... and I hope it's not true in real life. AC

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