Felicia Pearson by Bennett Raglin/WireImage.com Felicia Pearson by Bennett Raglin/WireImage.com

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, who played a killer on HBO's critically acclaimed The Wire, was arrested on minor drug charges on Wednesday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pearson was charged after police went to her home where they found two cigars filled with suspected marijuana in Northeast Baltimore to pick her up for refusing to cooperate as a witness in the Sept. 16 murder trial of Steven Lashley.

Police said Pearson "witnessed Lashley stab three men, killing one, during an argument in 2005."

Considering The Wire was known for its brutally realistic portrayal of drug and gang activities in Baltimore, for this actress, the truth may actually be stranger than fiction.

Though police have the right to detain her until Lashey's trial, she has only been charged with one count of drug possession. Erin Fox

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