Amy Winehouse by Hal Horowitz/ Amy Winehouse by Hal Horowitz/

British chart-topper Amy Winehouse checked into a rehab clinic Thursday following the release of a video in which she said she'd taken "about six Valium" and then smoked an unknown substance from a glass pipe.

Winehouse has come under increasing public scrutiny for her drug addiction, which has been blamed for show cancellations, stumbling at performances and relationship strife - and that's just for starters. The video, which was released by London's tabloid The Sun, was enough to convince the star to go back to rehab - despite her overt reluctance, as expressed in her hit single, "Rehab."

The good news for Amy and her fans is that, unlike some other stars with issues, she seems to have solid family support to help prop her up again. - Anna Dimond

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