Amy Winehouse by Barry Brecheisen/ Amy Winehouse by Barry Brecheisen/
Amy Winehouse may be on her way to drug recovery, but she's still not feeling another court date. The singer's lawyer has asked a court in Bergen, Norway, to postpone a hearing set for Friday. Winehouse and husband Blake Fiedler-Civil were arrested in Bergen in October for possession of a quarter ounce of pot, and were released after one day and paying $715 each. Although Winehouse appealed the fine, the po-po in Norway are serious about making Amy appear for her day in court. The recent teary-eyed Grammy winner insists she never got an official letter regarding her day in court, but to the Norwegian fuzz, you don't need a letter to make it official - even for a winner of five Grammys. - Anna Dimond Related: " Winehouse Says No, No, No to Rehab No More