Will Smith came from West Philadelphia and conquered Hollywood. Now he's looking to take a stab in the political arena, according to The Hollywood Reporter's "Awards Chatter" podcast.

"I look at the political landscape, I think that there might be a future out there for me. They might need me out there," he says. "This is the first year that I've been incensed to a level that I can't sleep, you know? So I'm feeling that at some point, in the near future, I will have to lend my voice to the conversation in a somewhat different way."

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When asked about his political ambitions on CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood, which will air on Sunday, Smith admits that any entrance he makes into politics won't be a fringe position. He has the power position in mind, according to CBS News.

"I mean, I've got to be the President. You know. Come on," Smith says, adding, "You know, what else would I run for?"

Smith says the new dream comes from realizing that being "the biggest movie star on the planet" may have been small thinking.

"I tell my kids, 'Be as unrealistic as possible, and then figure out how to make it real. The best things that have ever happened ever were unrealistic before they happened,'" Smith says. "You know, so for me, I think being the biggest movie star in the world as a goal actually was too small."

Politics is a way for Smith to do more with his life, which he learned from his grandmother.

"I'm a climber, so if I see a mountain, I have to climb it. I'm not a camper; I don't like hanging in one place too long. So I think, at this point, I'm elevating my ability to be useful in the world," he tells THR. "I think that that's what my grandmother always hoped, that I would make myself useful to people in this lifetime. I'm working really hard and my storytelling is elevating, my ability to be eloquent with my body and with my voice and to deliver ideas as an actor is elevating."

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The announcement that Smith is looking at politics comes as businessman turned reality TV personality Donald Trump dominates the Republican primary field. In August, rapper Kanye West also declared that he's going to make a run for the presidency in 2020 (though we're waiting to see how serious that is). So the actor isn't the only one looking to make a change in the public sector.

Before Smith steps into the political arena, Smith has another chance at dominating the 2015 awards season. His film, Concussion, has him as a popular choice for a Best Actor Academy Award.

Would you like to see Will Smith run for president?

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