Who's Your Daddy? Here's my question: If the real father doesn't win any money, what stops him from subtly tipping off his daughter, so she walks away with the dough? Hmmmmm? I'm not 100 percent convinced that's not what happened — who didn't pick out weepy

Charlie the minute he was introduced? And didn't you just love TJ's rationale in the final round? "One of the men will be lying to me, but my father will be telling me the truth." Oh, OK, honey. That makes it totally all right. NFL ad for the postseason playoffs Hey, was that Benjamin Bratt waxing poetic about the quarterback who searches for his target? Sweetie, I didn't know you were a football fan. But, hey, it works for me. Where you been lately? You're looking a little too thin. Is Talisa not feeding you? Why dontcha come on by and let Robin take good care of you, if ya know what I mean...Degrassi: The Next Generation I've been very comfortable with my 10 o'clock Degrassi fix, thanks very much, so I am not sure how I feel about this move to 8. (Of course it doesn't stop me from watching — I hardly need an excuse to avoid Fear Factor.) How sweet was Craig's love song to Ashley? Once he broke out the guitar, it was all over for me. (Is it wrong how much I adore Jake Epstein? I mean, the dark-haired cutie's half my age!) I can even forgive him for kissing Manny later that night — what does Ashley expect from her ice-queen treatment? Lose the chilly 'tude, hon, or lose your man.Everybody Loves Raymond I hate to say it, but I am back off this show. It's just too painful to watch the not-so-funny shouting match that has become Debra and Ray's entire relationship. Even Amy's haplessly geeky brother Peter (the hilarious Chris Elliot, who totally saves this episode) sees it: "I'm not like these people," he says, pointing at the bickering couple. "They're freaks!" This, coming from a guy who lives with his collection of comic books and goes to sci-fi conventions dressed as Yoda. Now that's gotta hurt!Two and a Half Men Hey, Ray Romano, you might want to check this out. It's a little something we like to call funny banter. Charlie: I remember your high school friend Jamie Eckleberry. We used to call her Eckleberry Hound. Alan: You used to call her that. Charlie: I didn't name her that. I just spread it around. Hey, be sure to keep her off the rug. Alan: Very funny. You know she's very successful in her field. Charlie: Oh, how nice. She has a field to run around in! Alan: This is getting old. Charlie: In people or dog years? Look, I'll be nice. I'll say hello... then scratch behind her ears. Alan: Are you done yet? Charlie: I hope she looks fetching. OK, now I'm done.There's a knock at the door. In walks a stunningly beautiful Jamie wearing a tight dress and showing off lots of cleavage. Charlie (with his mouth hanging open): Woof!CSI: Miami Am I the only one who practically has an anxiety attack trying to follow this show? Way too much evidence and too many supporting players who aren't different enough from each other. (Anyone else get the gang members confused?) Coolest scene: Delko and Duquesne re-creating the crime scene in the ER with laser beams as bullet trajectories. (Hey, it's how they figured out there was a second shooter.) Grossest scene: when Alexx cut right into the dead gang member's leg to remove the bullet. We actually heard his flesh tearing open. All together now: Ewwww!Blockbuster ad I'm thinking: When Roy Orbison wrote his heart-wrenching ballad, "It's Over," video-rental late fees were the last thing on his mind. ("It breaks your heart in two/ To know she's been untrue/But oh, what will you do?/Then she said to you/ There's someone new/ We're through/ It's over.") Just a guess.Medium You see stuff like this all the time on Dateline . (Cue Stone Phillips monotone voice-over: "Do psychics really exist? Can they see and hear things the rest of us cannot? Here's how one Arizona woman helped solve a grisly crime in a small Texas town....") But surprisingly, the psychic-as-crime-solver works way better as a drama, maybe because the crime is the focus of each episode. (In that sense, Medium sorta has that Law & Order feel to it.) I was mostly impressed with Patricia Arquette's balance of sensitivity and toughness, that is, when she wasn't doing her best Emily Procter imitation. Be careful, Patti. I'm starting to have a vision of you and David Caruso locked up in a morgue together. Now that would be a crime.