Danielle Bradbery Danielle Bradbery

After Monday's performance finale, there's nothing left to do but wait — and theorize — while The Voice tabulates the votes and iTunes downloads.So who do you think will win: Team Blake's The Swon Brothers, the show's first successful duo; Danielle Bradbery, the impressive ingénue; or Team Usher's Michelle Chamuel, the eclectic indie singer?

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According to Adam Levine, we should expect Danielle to take home top honors Tuesday night. "The crazy thing about your voice is it's just so unbelievably perfect and powerful. It's one of the better voices I think I've ever heard live. ... And I'm just gonna go ahead and say, I think Danielle's [the] winner of this thing," Adam said after Danielle's repeat performance of "Maybe It Was Memphis."But before anyone takes Adam's declaration as a reliable prediction, let's go over Monday's performances and weigh the chances ourselves.

Team Blake's The Swon Brothers.Zach and Colton Swon never fail to entertain onstage and off, but no one expected them to last this long. This is not necessarily a reflection of their talents. Not only does the duo consistently perform in the fatal first half timeslots of each performance episode, but no group has ever made it this far on The Voice.Yet thanks to standout performances like "Danny's Song" and last night's debut of their smooth falsetto in "I Can't Tell You Why," the Swons might stand a fighting chance at winning. Keyword: might (and that's being generous).

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Team Blake's Danielle Bradbery

Many viewers agree with Adam that Danielle is the favorite to win Tuesday, but how dull would that be? Danielle is incredibly talented, especially considering she's only 16, but her performances tend to be stagnant. Literally. She typically stands in one place, delivering pitch-perfect vocals with little stage presence. Plus: Danielle would make Blake's win record 3-for-4 (a record he also faces with The Swon Brothers, but whose status as a group act would keep things fresh). Blake would then become The Voice's presumed favorite coach, making the blind auditions much less exciting if the contestants all believe choosing Blake is the key to success.Out of the three finalists, Danielle does have the most potential for a successful post-Voice career (as evidenced by her growing number of singles in the iTunes Top 10 )and it's hard to argue with such performances as "Born to Fly" and "Maybe It Was Memphis."

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Team Usher's Michelle Chamuel

It's no secret I'm rooting for Michelle, but an indie artist — let alone a gay artist — has yet to win The Voice. And in a refreshing move, instead of trying to mold her into a more commercial artist, Usher has helped Michelle cultivate her unique style and become this season's most memorable performer week after week. The bond between Michelle and Usher has been heartwarming to watch, which might garner votes.Then again, Michelle's only song to reach the iTunes Top 10 was "I Knew You Were Trouble" and it's no coincidence that this was a pop-country cover. That didn't mean Monday's performance of the Taylor Swift hit was any less powerful, especially when countered by her emotional rendition of "Why."