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"Baby, lock them doors and turn the lights down low." Surprisingly, those lyrics were not coming from the lips of American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, but from White Collar star Matt Bomer. At a White Collar screening and Q&A held Monday at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, he and fellow cast members Tim DeKay and Willie Garson sang, revealed what they're hiding underneath those sharp suits (Spanx for Garson, he joked) and gave plenty of juicy intel for what's coming up on the crime series' third season.

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Is a musical episode on the way? The White Collar cast is known to break out into "song bombs" on the set (favorite tunes include "Purple Rain," "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and the Folgers coffee jingle), so does that mean a musical episode, à la Grey's Anatomy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is imminent? Maybe. Executive producer Mark Goffman admitted the idea has been thrown around, mostly in jest, but called it a "terrific idea," considering the show shoots in New York, the home of Broadway. "At some point, we'd love to go there. ... We certainly have the talent," Goffman said, referring to Bomer's impressive pipes.

White Collar's other talented lead is stepping behind the camera: DeKay will direct an episode (penned by Goffman) in August. "I've just always wanted to," he told the crowd. Although DeKay has directorial experience in the theater and film worlds, Bomer said his co-star has been preparing for the job all season and called him "an amazing student."

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Will Peter ever be able to completely trust Neal? Tuesday's episode will continue to deal with that burning question, as Peter brings in an outside authority (guest star Anna Chlumsky of My Girl fame) to deal with the manifest recovered from the U-boat. "There's a rather large part of Peter that hopes he's wrong," DeKay said, but added that this is a "hunt" Peter feels he needs to do. Goffman later said he doesn't necessarily believe that Neal ever wants Peter to trust him completely. "[Neal] likes pulling things off."

Get ready for a new Mozzie: Garson said "a different side of Mozzie" (a stronger side) will develop in upcoming episodes. He's "obviously going to explode at some point," Garson said. This new strength, Bomer said, will help their friendship reach "totally new territory" later this season. Garson also revealed that a flashback episode will feature Mozzie at ages 5 and 12, and also during the '70s when he is "rockin' some sweet outfits." Garson's real-life son, Nathen, guest-stars in the episode as Mozzie's former partner-in-crime. The one thing we still won't find out about Mozzie? His real name. Why not? Creator Jeff Eastin told Garson the time isn't right yet.

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Things are steaming up: Goffman offered up a juicy tease about Eliza Dushku's character: She'll kiss Neal (Bomer joked that tongue was involved) right in front of Peter. But why is Neal moving so quickly from current love interest Sara (Hilarie Burton) to Dushku's character? "All the romance is sort of sloppy and fast and loose," Bomer said of the con-man lifestyle. "Neal is just a man-ho who is scared of real intimacy." And Mozzie is getting in on the action too. "Neal is not the only con man who gets laid this season," Garson said with a smile. DeKay also said that fans will see the Burke bedroom this season.

When is this show hitting the road? Royal Pains set up shop in Puerto Rico for two episodes, Burn Notice filmed the Sam Axe prequel film in Colombia and Covert Affairs recently flew to Paris. When will the White Collar crew get some new stamps in their passports? The cast seemed keen on the idea of traveling to Europe, but said nothing definite is in the works. "I don't think anyone would object," Goffman said.

White Collar airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on USA.