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All the Places You've Seen The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Before

This is why you recognize Negan

Sadie Gennis

When AMC announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Negan on The Walking Dead, we'd bet good money that more than a handful of you thought, "Who?" But after seeing a photo of Morgan, a vague sense of recognition likely washed upon you. "Oh, that guy," you thought, despite not actually knowing exactly who "that guy" is.

That's because Morgan has been in a lot of shows and movies, but very few times as the star. However, this all seems to be changing, with Morgan taking on more important roles in recent years.

Why we can't wait for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan

And so it seems a McConaissance is upon JDM. And who knows? Maybe given time, he'll even be known as "that guy from the Lexus commercials." But until that day is officially upon us, these are all the places you probably know Morgan from:


That's right. JDM played Nancy Botwin's (Mary-Louise Parker) dead husband, Judah. So next time you find yourself complaining about how terrible Weeds became, just blame Morgan, because if Judah had never died, we never would have had to suffer through the "Nancy has a baby with a Mexican drug lord" plot.


Morgan only appeared in a handful of Supernatural's 243-and-counting episodes, but to SPN fans, he's an icon. The actor played John Winchester, the man responsible for teaching his sons, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), to save people, hunt things and the all-around family business.


Grey's Anatomy
If you know Morgan from anything, it's probably this. Morgan appeared in 23 episodes of the Shondaland series as Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) patient-turned-fiancé-turned-ghost who literally haunted the series for a while.

Warner Bros.

P.S. I Love You
There was a phase in the mid-2000s when Morgan tried to do the whole heartthrob thing - and thank God he did. Otherwise, we wouldn't get his sweet performance as the childhood friend of Hilary Swank's dead husband in P.S. I Love You. (He also played a lot of dead husband/fiancés around this time.)

Warner Bros.

If you were one of the fools who suffered through Zack Snyder's panned comic book adaptation, then you might remember Morgan as the Comedian. His performance as the charismatic sociopath was one of the few bright spots in the drab film. Plus, who could complain about Morgan in that costume? Hubba hubba.

Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett Collection

The Possession
Morgan played the idiotic father who bought his daughter a haunted dybbuk box in this Sam Raimi horror film. But if you don't remember Morgan's performance, that's probably because your brain literally fried upon seeing Matisyahu, of Jewish-American reggae music fame, play an exorcist in the movie.

Open Road Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

Red Dawn
Do you remember when they remade Red Dawn with a Hemsworth and the better half of Drake & Josh? No? Well, then you probably won't remember when Morgan took on the Powers Boothe role of the military man who helps the teenage soldiers infiltrate a North Korean base.


Magic City
To the few loyal fans of the short-lived Starz series, Morgan will always be Ike Evans, a Miami hotel owner who gets tangled up with the mob. But if you're a new worshipper at the altar of JDM, you should still consider checking the show out, since not only is Morgan great as the morally torn Ike, but his suit game is on point.

Ben Mark Holzberg/Lifetime

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
Find me an actor you vaguely recognize, and I'll show you someone who has most definitely appeared in at least one Lifetime production. For JDM, that production is the Susan Sarandon-led miniseries about Marilyn Monroe, in which Morgan played Joe DiMaggio.

Prashant Gupta/History Channel

Texas Rising
Morgan dropped an unhealthy 40 pounds to play the ailing Erastus "Deaf" Smith in this History Channel miniseries. But while Morgan radically transformed his body for the role, his go-to lovable but gruff persona was out in full force.


There was a lot going on in the late CBS series, but we're sure you haven't forgotten Morgan and Halle Berry's steamy sex scenes. The actor joined the series in its second (and last) season as Berry's love interest.


The Good Wife
Morgan became the object of every mom's affection when he joined The Good Wife's final season as Alicia Florrick's (Julianna Margulies) new investigator-turned-lover. He also made everyone extremely uncomfortable when his character, Jason, received a hand job from Alicia in a public bar. So to sum up: Jeffrey Dean Morgan = sexy. Jeffrey Dean Morgan getting a squeezer from Mr. Big's wife = not sexy.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Before Morgan bashes anyone's head in with a baseball bat, you can watch him get murdered in Batman v Superman. Morgan and his Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan play Bruce Wayne's ill-fated parents in the DC film.

What's your favorite JDM role?