Miley Cyrus by Tony R. Phipps/ Miley Cyrus by Tony R. Phipps/

What is a first kiss worth? Paparazzi are apparently pricing out what a pic of Miley Cyrus' first on-camera smooch might pay - and the numbers are more mind-blowing than anyone's hot make-out sesh.

If the L.A. Times is correct, the rate could run anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000, depending on who she's kissing (a Jonas brother, for example, might fetch more than, say, an unsigned guitarist from open mic night at Largo). Other factors, however, elude us. Photo quality counts, but what about passion of the act? Or the degree of graphicness of her lip-locking?

As if it weren't already obvious, the paparazzi have discovered the young star. While of course, celeb-stalking is not one of the brighter aspects of modern media, at least they're looking for something positive from Miley (invasion of privacy being another matter here, ok?). Her cellulite pics can wait another 30 years. - Anna Dimond

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