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What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on September 23

What will disrupt this ranking?

Allison Picurro, Kelly Connolly
Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa, Sex Education

Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa, Sex Education


The Netflix Top 10 list won't tell you how many people are watching a show, but it will tell you which shows people are watching the most. The Top 10 list on Thursday, Sept. 23 is, for the third day in a row, completely unchanged! What is going on? No one's watching anything new this week? Nothing seems to be disrupting the reigning top 3 -- the South Korean thriller series Squid Game, the British high school dramedy Sex Education, and the tech-y miniseries Clickbait, which is somewhat inexplicably ending its fourth consecutive week in the ranking. Lucifer, which recently wrapped up its six-season run, and Safe House, are still holding down the fourth and fifth spots.

But of the Netflix Top 10, which shows and movies are actually worth watching? We break down the entire Netflix Top 10 list and guide you through what to binge and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix's Top 10 TV shows, as well as Netflix's Top 10 movies. We also have our list of the 50 best shows and movies to watch on Netflix right now, as well as the best movies to watch on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix.

Based on Netflix's Top 10 from Thursday, September 23

1. Squid Game

For fans of: Violence, cruelty, cash money | Is it good?: It's thrilling, totally bonkers, and very much worth your time

A group of participants competes in a series of childhood games with deadly consequences -- Red Light, Green Light includes a giant, robot doll that guns down competitors if they move, for example -- and the last one standing wins the cash prize. It's got a mix of Battle Royale and Running Man in it, and you can't go wrong with that if you're looking for something entirely messed up. (Yesterday's rank: 1)

2. Sex Education

For fans of: Kids discovering themselves, British accents, Gillian Anderson | Is it good?: It's one of the best teen shows on right now

The best-dressed British teens on TV are about to get a whole new look: school uniforms. Netflix's raunchy-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside charmer Sex Education is shaking up life at Moordale in Season 3, which picks up as the students are starting a new term. Desperate to reform Moordale's reputation as the "sex school," new headteacher Hope (Girls alum Jemima Kirke) takes drastic measures to impose order, which go over as well as you'd expect. Where are Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey) when their classmates need them? Still on the outs after a certain voicemail got deleted, unfortunately. (Yesterday's rank: 2)

3. Clickbait

For fans of: Black Mirror, feeling bad | Is it good?: You'll never believe the answer (not really)

Adrian Grenier stars in this twisty miniseries as a man who is held hostage by a mysterious bad guy. The kidnapper livestreams Grenier's character in captivity, complete with accusations that he abuses women, leaving his family wondering if they truly know him. Meanwhile, his fate is directly tied to the amount of views the stream gets. Sounds like a click-to-kill situation! (Yesterday's rank: 3)

4. Lucifer

For fans of: Supernatural cops, hell puns, the mind of Neil Gaiman | Is it good?: It's a fun time

Even the devil doesn't have infinite lives. After being canceled by Fox, saved by Netflix for Season 4, renewed by Netflix for a "fifth and final season," and then resurrected again for a surprise sixth and final season, Lucifer's charmed afterlife on streaming is coming to a close. The final 10 episodes find Lucifer (Tom Ellis) preparing to take his place as God, not that he and Chloe (Lauren German) seem to be in a huge rush to start the job. (Yesterday's rank: 4)

5. Safe House

For fans of: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, the Central Intelligence Agency | Is it good?: It's just fine

Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA officer tasked with looking after an international fugitive (Denzel Washington), but after the two are attacked by mercenaries they're forced to -- did you see this coming? -- work together in order to stay alive. (Yesterday's rank: 5)

6. The Father Who Moves Mountains

For fans of: Dads, sons, the anxiety of waiting for an avalanche | Is it good?: It's exciting and visually beautiful

This Romanian thriller centers around a dad who has to trek through a treacherous, snowy mountains while searching for his missing son, who got lost during a hike. I'm already cold. (Yesterday's rank: 6)

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7. Cocomelon

For fans of: Mashed vegetables, pacifiers | Is it good?: For babies, sure

Colorful objects, preschool songs, and big-headed babies make this catnip for toddlers and younger kids who get screentime. (Yesterday's rank: 7)

8. The Circle

For fans of: People being stuck in one place with no way of getting out, but in a fun way | Is it good?: It's not as fun as it was in Season 1

It kind of seems like The Circle just premiered its second season, but in any case, it's already back for a third. Netflix's competition series follows contestants who are confined to their own rooms in an apartment complex and can only communicate with each other over social media. There's tons of catfishing, tons of poorly kept secrets, and tons of cheesy hashtags. Not too much new stuff happening here! (Yesterday's rank: 8)

9. Kate

For fans of: Assassins, death sentences, Woody Harrelson | Is it good?: It has no business being as boring as it is

You'd think a movie where Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an assassin who's been given 24 hours left to live, which she decides to spend exacting revenge on her enemies, would be a tad more exciting. You'd be wrong: This one's a snoozer. (Yesterday's rank: 9)

10. Sharkdog

For fans of: Sharks AND dogs | Is it good?: The kids will like it

A young boy whose parents won't let him get a dog befriends an adorable shark-dog hybrid mutant with a huge appetite. Not to be confused with Catfish. (Yesterday's rank: 10)

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