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What Kind of Fan Are You? Let This Quiz Reveal Your Fan Identity Type

Where do you fall on the fandom scale?

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Have you named a pet after your favorite Star Wars character? Is there a Captain America or Spider-Man tattoo somewhere on your person? Can you recite every impassioned speech Klaus Michaelson gave to Caroline Forbes from memory? These are the marks of intense fandom, and now there is a handy quiz to help you figure out where you fall on the fandom scale. 

Created by Fandom, TV Guide's new parent company, the FanID Quiz helps you determine which of four fan personality groups you fall into for the major obsessions in your life. Whether you're a die-hard fan with a lifelong commitment to a franchise or a casual enthusiast just tagging along to have something to talk about before your next staff meeting, the FanID Quiz will reveal your level of fandom for any of the passions, or mild interests, you have in your life.

The quiz was created as part of the company's fourth annual Inside Fandom report, released Thursday, about the state of the entertainment industry and the mindset of fans.

So what are the four FanIDs? Let's break it down. 

Fandom Identity

The four Fan Identity types

Fandom, Inc.

The Advocate

These are your hardcore stans and they represent almost a quarter of fanbases. If you've named a pet after a specific character or gotten a tattoo from the franchise, you fall into The Advocate category. If you create fan art, run an Etsy shop with fan-made merch, or write fan fiction for a particular show, movie, book, or game, you also fall into the Advocate category. Absolutely no one wants to face off against you in a trivia match about your advocate fandom because you consider your obsession a core part of your personality. 

The Intentionalist 

Okay, maybe you haven't made a life-long commitment to your fandom of choice, but you are still very committed. You've seen every episode of the series, every movie in the line-up, or memorized every song in the discography, and you don't like being distracted while you're watching, You're a big fan and you've got posters on the wall, but you won't ask to be buried in your "I Live My Life a Quarter Mile at a Time" T-shirt. 

The Culturalist

Your desk isn't decked out with action figures or authentic replicas, but that doesn't mean you can't hold your own in conversation about this fandom. If we're talking Game of Thrones, then you're not going full Valar morghulis, but you know what The Red Wedding is and what went down there (The North remembers!!). You stay up to date on what the most popular things are so you can hang at the cool lunch tables, but it's more about acclimating socially than being personally committed to a brand. 

The Flirt

The Flirt is basically the "I'll add it to my list" of the FanIDs. You're going to watch the big movies after they won a ton of Oscars, You'll watch that show everyone is talking about after all the episodes are out so you can just binge it all or at least make sure it isn't canceled before you get involved. Sometimes this is how a fan starts in a particular fandom before evolving to one of the other three stages, but a lot of folks live here year-round; there's so much content that it's hard to commit to more than a few fandoms at a time.

So which one are you, and for what fandom? The FanID Quiz helps you decide what level of fan you are for whatever fandom you want, whether its a movie franchise, TV universe, music group, anime, comic books, whatever. We're here to celebrate fan identities in all their forms.