Martha Stewart Martha Stewart

Admit it: When The Apprentice: Martha Stewart debuts on Sept. 21, you're going to tune in if only to hear what the fallen domestic diva's catchphrase is. I'd like to save you the trouble, but when asked, Stewart replied with a laugh, "What makes you think there is a slogan?" All (or at least most) kidding aside, she noted, "I don't even like firing people, so I couldn't say, 'You're fired.' I don't think I've ever said [that] to anybody." So not even a hint, then? "[What Martha came up with] is totally fresh and something you will definitely remember," teases exec producer Mark Burnett. Adds Charles Koppelman (aka Martha's "George"), "The producers had no idea [what was coming]. They looked like deer in headlights when she did what she did." Don't snicker  how would you react if you got mooned by Ms. Stewart?