Isaiah Washington, <EM>Grey's Anatomy</EM> Isaiah Washington, Grey's Anatomy
West Wing
There are only two weeks until the election, and both campaigns are in full frenzy mode. So this was not a real good time for Santos' aides to lose his luggage. A single briefcase hasn't caused this much trouble since the beginning of Pulp Fiction. Granted, there wasn't heroin or porn in there as Lou feared (note to self: empty out briefcase), but an embarrassing journal and a secret checkbook for paying your illegitimate nephew's child support really should be taken better care of. The potential Samsonite scandal left me with three big questions: 1) Why didn't Santos fire the flunkies who lost his case in the first place? 2) If Bruno's willing to give a huge speech about the sanctity of voters knowing everything about the candidates they choose before an election, why did he work so hard to get Bartlet reelected after the MS cover-up was revealed? 3) If Santos' supposed improprieties are such grave cause for alarm, why isn't anyone in the Republican campaign even alluding to the fact that the Dems are trotting out a former pill-popping alcoholic with a cardiac condition for the VP job? I find it hard to believe that Vinick's new attack dog, Jane "Eva" Braun, can't dig up a couple of swift-boat types to help the cause.

And as long as we're on the subject of unanswerable questions, what's with Garofalo's sleeveless-tee tattooed look? If Santos doesn't win, I guess she can always get a gig as road manager for Motorhead. (Now, I bet Lemmy's briefcase has some crazy stuff in it.) 

In the end, Vinick did the right thing with the case and made a smart move with the power-plant press conference. "Straight-talkin' Arnie" is back in the race, and the only question now is when will the press find out Santos' secret?