Eva Longoria, <EM>Desperate Housewives</EM> Eva Longoria, Desperate Housewives
West Wing
A Democratic candidate turns to a New Jersey rock star in the waning days of a presidential campaign? C'mon. That would never happen in real life. I guess Santos is trying to turn the election into a "Runaway" by having

Jon Bon Jovi rock the vote. (Remember in Season 4, when WW featured cameos by the likes of Barenaked Ladies and Aimee Mann? Doesn't that seem a really long time ago?) But it's no easy task with all the chaos of the campaign trail: Helen's quote in favor of ex-con voting, the congressman's inability to get any info on the Kazakhstan situation and their poor kid yakking all over his Harry Potter costume. It looks like the entire Santos family is livin' on a prayer... oh, and caffeine.

The writers are certainly giving love a bad name by not even mentioning Josh and Donna's hookup for the second straight week. They did, however, hint again at a little bad medicine between Leo and Annabeth. Hey, any chance to have Kristin Chenoweth sing a little Stevie Wonder is OK by me, but Leo's absence is becoming increasingly awkward and difficult for the show to work around. Judging from next week's scenes, though, that won't be a problem much longer.

Meanwhile, Toby is wanted, dead or alive, by the federal DA because he refuses to give up the name of the shuttle-leak informant. He says it wasn't his brother, C.J. or Leo. Are we supposed to think it was his ex-wife, Andrea? That would be the biggest surprise involving Kathleen 'Bird' York since she lost the Oscar to the Three 6 Mafia. Will Toby's stonewalling pay off, or will a new indictment bring the Santos-McGarry ticket down in a blaze of glory?   

Oh, well, I'll end there, mostly because those are all the Bon Jovi references I can think of. Have a nice day.