Christina Hendricks, Mad Men Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

All of you "Don Draper" and "Joan Holloway" lovers-wannabes rejoice: Lionsgate has exercised their option for a third season of the Emmy-winning drama Mad Men.

However, there is still a question of who will be at the helm of the show next season as negotiations between Lionsgate and series creator-exec producer Matthew Weiner continue, reports Variety.

Lionsgate does not have a deal with Weiner, himself, for a third season. But, he's no dummy; he spent the weeks leading up to and after his Emmy win making the rounds of major studios and networks to see how much he could get for a new overall deal.

Armed with that knowledge, Lionsgate's camp is hoping to cut a two-year deal with Weiner and use that as leverage to secure a fourth season of Mad Men from AMC.

The other possibility is that Weiner could cut a development deal with another shop and with Lionsgate to continue as showrunner on Mad Men. Ah, to have "hit show" type decisions to make.

Are you stoked for a third, and if everything works out, a possible fourth Matt Weiner-fied season of Mad Men?