If you're an Osbournes fan, you know the dysfunctional clan's love of foul language and outrageous antics. (Who else would throw meat products into a neighbor's yard for payback?) But if you really want to make KellyOzzy's youngest daughter — bloody angry, just ask the petite pop tartlet about her weight.

"People think that I weigh 200 lbs. and I'm, like, 5-foot-10," says Osbourne, who actually stands about 5 feet tall. "When they introduce themselves to me, they say, 'Ohmigod, you are so much smaller in real life. I thought you were fat!'"

In fact, that perception about Osbourne's size is so prevalent, she recently was invited to sing at a fashion show for Lane Bryant, a plus-size women's clothing chain. "In a way, I was kind of like, 'They see me like the signature fat kid, so they want me to do their show,'" she recalls. "But most of those women were not fat. I think it's disgusting that they were labeled as plus-size. Size 12 is not a plus-size."

The Prince of Darkness's offspring has shed a few pounds since the memorable first season of MTV's reality hit — available March 4 on DVD. Was she enhancing her image for the sake of her recently released Shut Up! album? "I did lose a little weight," she admits, "but I think it's just because I'm 18 and I am still growing into my body. Also, because I've been away from home. And when I'm not at home, I don't eat anything."

Don't worry Britney and Christina, the tiny rocker has no plans to bare her belly and bum in skimpy clothes anytime soon. "I think if you are going to be famous, you might as well set an example," she says. "I personally don't find it attractive that someone's a-- crack and t--s are showing."