After last week's poop-'n'-fartfest, there were absolutely no references to passing gas or bowel problems. I thought I was watching a different show. That being said
10:00 pm The episode opens with Whitney having a pillow fight with the kids while Bobby is sound asleep and snoring. Of course, Whitney has to comment, "What a man. What a guy."
10:02 Bobby flies to L.A. to do Jimmy Kimmel and hasn't been on a talk show since Arsenio Hall.
10:03 "Toxic" by Britney Spears comes on the radio and Bobby claims, "She stole my song so I stole hers." Inquiring minds like mine want to know what he is referring to.
10:05 Whitney "surprises Bobby" by flying to L.A. as well. Lots of product-placement shots of Von Dutch clothes are shown before Whitney quietly sings a bit of "I'm Every Woman." A fan tells her, "Thanks for that."
10:06 Bobbi Kristina tries on a much-too-small Von Dutch miniskirt, and Whitney tells her "No!" three times. Meanwhile, Bobby struggles through the high notes during his Kimmel rehearsal. It's his prerogative to change his mind about what song to sing.
10:09 Sometimes product placement is subtle and sometimes it's just annoying. Too much Von Dutch!
10:10 Bobbi Kris refuses her mama's kisses. "Gimme a kiss." "Absolutely not!" Nice.
10:20 After 10 minutes of backstage and on-stage Kimmel footage, we see Bobby go out for drinks with some "hot-shot producer" and some random chicks. Bobby asks the waiter for more booze in his drink.
10:21 Bobby feels guilty and buys a rose vendor's entire collection to give to Whitney.
10:27 Whitney is being made up for a Christian Dior event. She cleans up real good makeupwise, but her hair is still a mess. Meanwhile, Bobby announces he's 44 and is "getting fat."
10:29 As they leave the event in their limo, a fan shouts out "Whitney I love you!" Of course Bobby shouts, "What about me?"