A week without a new Lost... not that watching this heart-wrenching episode about father and sons is a hardship, but I cant wait for more info about Dharma and everything. This episode did make a nice pairing with Veronica Mars Wallace story line. Trust me, you can watch both great shows. The courtroom scenes were just so awful to see again. The pushy attorney and the idea that Michael could lose his son so easily is so wrong. They blamed him for everything that went wrong between him and Susan, and he admitted that he doesnt know anything about the offspring that he so loves. Broke my heart, again. But while I was touched by all that, I was still grossed out the second time around by Sawyer removing the bullet from his own shoulder. And still maintaining his own personality with You got a Band-Aid? quip to Michael. I do like these two sparring better than watching Sawyer and Ana-Lucia. it makes me hope Mikey has a quick trip through the jungle to reunite with the rest of the tailies.   AC

How could the castaways have survived their plane crash? Find out.