The Biggest Loser is back and this season looks more intense than ever. Is blood thicker than water? We'll soon find out as Jillian's "parents and children" teams will go head to head with Bob's "married couples" teams. And as one contestant said, "You don't pick your family but you pick your soul mate." So what happened in the premiere and which family was the first to go? Keep reading to find out.

The first half-hour introduced us to the teams. In a bit of a twist, Bob and Jillian hand-picked them and also showed up in each of their home towns to surprise them with the good news. Talk about dedication from the trainers. Here's the basic rundown of who's who.

On Bob's team we have team Red, Amy and Phil, married co-workers who also have an autistic son. Next up are the newlyweds Ed and Heba. These two cracked me up a bit. When Heba found out they made it to the show she literally spit her food out in excitement. She also mentioned that her friends weren't even sure she was big enough to qualify yet ironically she's the largest female contestant. They're team Orange. Vicky and Brady are the classic American family who has kids that are already overweight. I like that they're so determined to correct the habits they've already begun to pass down to them. They are the Brown team. Last is team Green, Adam and Stacey, they're married and also work together.

First up on Jillian's team is the team Grey father and son cab drivers from Boston. Immediately they remind me of the brothers from last season. I already like Tom and LT and I think they could be strong contenders. But seriously, the amount of food (pasta especially) that they are shown eating is insane! Amy and Shellay are a mother/daughter team that use humor as a crutch. They're team Purple. Michelle and Renee make up the Pink team and they have an interesting story as they were estranged for 6 years and so they're starting brand new in their relationship and in their quest to lose weight. Jerry and Coleen are another team I already like. He's a police sergeant who's constantly the butt of jokes and she is just worried about her dad living a long life. They're team Yellow.

So now that we've met everyone it's time to start working out! (I skipped the initial weigh-in since it was just a bunch of numbers). The first day is always a rough one and some, like Tom, have never even been inside a gym. Already we have a crier in Amy and Jillian is screaming at her to get up. When Jillian tells Tom "your kid is a mess" it really hit home for him that they need to be there. Ed is wondering what's wrong with him when the older people are kicking his butt. He's ready to give up but his wife pushed him to keep going. Unfortunately for team Yellow, Jerry can only exercise for thirty minutes a day according to the BLR (Biggest Loser Ranch) doc, Dr. H. He's got every risk factor there is and his daughter is terrified!

The first challenge was pretty straight forward. Traverse through the mountain until you and your teammate got to a flag, all but one being a reward. Due to medical reasons, Jerry and Tom couldn't compete and boy did Coleen show up her contestants. Doing it for her father, she was the first to get to a flag and chose immunity. Smart move. Coming in last the Brown team got a two pound penalty for the weigh-in.

Then it was time for the segment where Dr. H scares the crap out each team, inspiring them to turn their lives around. Each learned their "true" age and for some such as Amy, this meant a total of 21 years that she's lost! LT is chronologically 23 but is really 49 inside and Jerry has the workout level of a 95 year old. Scary stuff.

After the last chance workout where Heba remarked that it's unfortunate there's no epidural for exercise, it was time for the weigh-in. Coleen and Jerry went first, losing 10 and 17 pounds respectively, which was great but a moot point since they had immunity. The team percentages were as follows:

Heba and Ed, Orange, lost 12 & 17 for a total of 4.61%.
Michelle and Renee, Pink, lost 17 & 14 for a total of 6.09%
LT and Tom, Grey, lost 18 & 24 for a total of 6.26%.
Amy and Phil, Red, lost 16 & 23 for a total of 6.96%.
Stacey and Adam, Green, lost 9 & 19 for a total of 4.99%.
Amy and Shellay, Purple, lost 17 & 12 for a total of 6.37%.
Amazingly, Brady and Vicky, Brown, lost 19 & 28 and even with their two pound penalty lost a total of 7.67% for first place! Orange, after thinking they were safe following their weigh-in, was below the yellow line along with the Green team.

The hour deliberation was over and it was unanimous vote. Green, Stacey and Adam, were chosen to go home since they gave "155% in the gym" and were tough competition. It's always sad to see the first team go because it's never really deserved. But they're proud of what they've done in just one week, their relationship is strengthened, and they're on a mission to continue in their progress.

What did you all think of the premiere? Is Families going to be even better than Couples were? Comment away!

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