Damn, Celia is such a fabulous bitch. I'm no expert, but I'd imagine that it takes years to develop such detachment, such unhappiness and such a sharp, abrasive, embittered persona. That kind of hardness doesn't happen overnight. But the result makes me laugh! The adversarial dynamic between Mary-Louise Parker's Nancy and Elizabeth Perkins' Celia is smoothly developed in this episode. When Nancy catches Celia spying on her cheating husband's card game with binoculars, she is trying to conceal that she was there to sell drugs. Oh, and Nancy's hiding the fact that she gave up her wheels as collateral for more product and is now driving a Hoop D instead. Their secrets are stark naked to anyone who cares to look, but Celia pretends not to see, so it's all good.

The best scene by far was Celia and her hubby's cold, mechanical oral-hygiene ritual, which involved silent but aggressive brushing in their best jammies, some mouthwash gargling and Celia's recommendation that her husband take an entire bottle of Ambien (remember the nanny-cam video from last week?). Since she can't confront him, she shaves his head while he sleeps. The sweetest revenge.

Back at Camp Nancy, her finances are in the red. After her phone is shut off, she tries to pay the bill online. Then she forgets to pay her housekeeper. I hope this was to emphasize how overwhelmed Nancy feels by the cash-flow situation, not to emphasize her being a flake. Yes, she must be quite overwhelmed by everything money problems, her younger son's obsession with videos of his father and her older son's lovesickness. Nancy could definitely use some reinforcements right about now.   Vanessa Rothschild