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Our Watercooler writers are off for the holiday and will return on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy our Best of the Week recap.

What is it with meth this week? First on SNL last Saturday, Jason Lee participated in a skit about a meth-influenced TV show, then on Bones this week, the anthropologist and her crew uncovered a mummy that had been killed by a meth overdose. Then this week's Numbers has a pedophile meth dealer and an explosion in a meth lab. Apparently it is the TV drug of choice right now. Sounds like some scary stuff, especially the way it can get in the air and you could be inadvertently exposed to it. But the episode just felt a little bit weird with Charlie and Don bickering over the case. Charlie was just really passionate about this case and didn't understand why Don wouldn't listen to him, and Don didn't seem to appreciate that Charlie is basically a volunteer with a bunch of knowledge and instead tried to keep him out of the loop. They had been getting along so well, and even though Megan understood and talked to Charlie, he and Don never really resolved their issues, though they both seemed happy to have solved the case. Wonder if we'll still have this awkwardness between the siblings next week. AC