<i>V</i> V

Anna and her amphibious minions returned on V last night and wow, did those scaly freaks launch Season 2 in fittingly cold-blooded fashion. There were crazy acid-rain nightmares. A hybrid baby that looked like a floating Yoda. A V skeleton. Oh, and there was a death that has got to beat The Bachelor's "bat wing" body-waxing conversation for grossest moment of the week. In other words, while it wasn't exactly bliss, the season premiere was pretty great.

More so, it was a lot of what we spent last year waiting for and never got. Mercifully, the powers-that-be seem to have learned from the sleepy first season. They've quit with all the hushed blah-blah-blah in abandoned warehouses, killed off whiny Val and amped up the good stuff. Granted, the Fifth Column's newest ally, Scott Wolf's Chad Decker is still the world's 2nd worst journalist (you know who you are, #1), and Charles Mesure remains a terrible actor, saved only by his character Kyle Hobbes' terrific collection of form-fitting t-shirts. But let's be honest: This show is all about the ladies anyway. Morena Baccarin is as "don't eff with me" as ever as kinky alien bitch-goddess Anna, wielding her power like an intergalactic Leona Helmsley and watching her own kid knock boots with a human. Elizabeth Mitchell is her usual fount of steely grace as protective mother-slash-resistance hero Erica. And Laura Vandervoort? Well, come on! Nobody undresses better than Anna's almost-traitorous offspring Lisa. She should seriously put that skill on her IMDb resume.

Too bad we only got a teensy taste of original V queen Jane Badler, who popped up in the episode's final moment to scowl and work a pair of Louboutins as Anna's imprisoned mother. Still, we've seen next week's episode and, oh mommy, is she bringing the bad-ass. Question is, did the V premiere bring you back to the show? Or have you shed your interest in this alien soap opera? Tell us below! (And don't worry, only humans will be monitoring your comments.)

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