Jessica Szohr Jessica Szohr

OK, we've put up with this one long enough.

After almost four seasons of being semi-tolerable as the boho outsider-slash-voice of reason among the Upper East Side sophisticates, the time has come for Gossip Girl to get rid of Vanessa. Originally introduced as a potential love interest for both Dan and Nate (as well as a one-time Bass boink), the hippy-harpy character has devolved from a borderline interesting counterpoint to all the glamour of her surroundings to a sniveling buttinsky with nothing better to do than meddle for the sole sake of spoiling everyone's fun. Including ours.

In fact, the only good we get out of having Vanessa around is when she's called out for being a shrew. Which is just what went down last night when Dan finally gave his longtime bestie the heave-ho for getting all high school and telling Serena about his kiss with Blair. "Just to be clear, so there's no misunderstanding down the road...we are not friends anymore."

It was kind of awesome, although we would have preferred it had Blair been the one to put her on blast. Still, we'll take this breakup, especially if it means that Vanessa either goes full-on bitch and gives the show a new villain, or just simply goes away. Maybe a season-finale murder mystery? A one-way ticket to Jenny Humphreysville? An internship in New Jersey?

Whatever, we just need this character to be gone. Do you agree, or should the writers try to redeem Vanessa?

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