Hilary Duff Hilary Duff

What is wrong with you people who aren't watching this show? Every week, the ratings for Community are lower than a C-student's GPA, yet the comedy itself is totally A+. Just take last night's Mean Girls-inspired outing.

Not only did uber-hyped guest star Hilary Duff not suck (extra credit) as the alpha-bitch tormenting Annie, Britta and Shirley, the writers were also smart enough to throw the always awesome Abed into the gag as the ladies' RoboCop of retaliatory retorts. A personal dispending machine of mean aimed at anyone who dared diss his friends, our boy fired off enough burns to heat Greendale for the rest of the season. And let's be honest, nobody does blank-faced bluntness better than Danny Pudi.

Of course, nothing (comedy) gold can stay, so you knew the gang would learn a lesson in tolerance before the 30-minute mark. But even that huggy moment — the universal truth that we're all insecure — came with a killer cutdown (the newly enlightened Abed's observation that "even Tom Cruise knows he's short and nuts") and a kicker featuring a drugged-up Pierce that was just plain crazy. Almost as crazy as the fact that this isn't a huge hit. Thankfully, NBC sees that it may have a grower on its hands and just ordered two extra episodes for the season. Now if only they can get more eyes on this prize.

Are you watching? More importantly, are you telling everyone else to, as well? Or is Community just too weird for you?

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