<EM>Gilmore Girls</EM> Gilmore Girls

Watching Lorelai desperately trying to make small talk at Rory's over-the-top 21st-birthday party while surrounded by hoity-toity guests, snobby finger food and foofy decorations was the most gut-wrenching part of the hour. They might as well have been talking about the weather (Lorelai: "Nice party." Rory: "So what's new?") And that devastated look on Lorelai's face as she stepped away from the crowd surrounding Rory as she blew out her candles You know she was thinking about how far away they were from Atlantic City and about their plans to be at the blackjack table playing 21, buying 21 things and picking up 21 guys. (She has to be the coolest mom ever.) She should have hope, though. This was their first civil meeting in months. And not only did Rory send the invite, she called to make sure Lorelai would be there. Okay, she shouted the entire conversation at Luke while her mother listened across the diner counter, but good enough. Most importantly, she saved her mom a chocolate box. (Priorities, you know.) But as great as that scene was, I am tempted to say it wasn't my favorite part of the episode. Nope, that had to be Emily and Richard's cozy little dinner party with the priest who told Rory that she must "save her most precious gift" (aka her virtue) for the right man. You know, or else she'd have nothing left to give him but a sweater? Rory's cool, calm response: "That ultimate-gift ship has sailed a long time ago. It's somewhere in Fiji by now. Oh, and have you seen The 40 Year Old Virgin? You might like it." Too bad Lorelai wasn't there to hear that one a couple of lines straight out of her book of banter. Like mother, like daughter. Yes, Rory is drifting, but clearly not very far.