Chelsea Handler is taking her snark and blunt force commentary to the documentary field with her new Netflix series Chelsea Does...

In the trailer for the four-part docuseries, Handler explores the world of marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs. It's obvious that Handler isn't holding back any of her personal opinions when it comes to these topics and she's not afraid of saying what everyone is afraid of hearing.

Handler's staple brand of humor is present as she interviews couples at Ashley Madison, the website designed to help married people have affairs, and grills Willie Nelson for his weed expertise (Spoiler: "Weed is like sex - some is better than others but it's all good.")

There is a deeper side to the series though, which may come as a bit of surprise to those who know Handler from her talk show and comedy specials. She's sitting down with Rev. Al Sharpton to talk about racism and digs into exploring her spirituality.

Chelsea Handler shares first promo for Netflix documentary series Chelsea Does

"My whole reason for doing a documentary is because I'm questioning things that I've never done before," she says towards the end of the clip. Whether you agree with Handler's perspective or not, the truth is many of us are probably dealing with the same questions.

Chelsea Does... premieres Jan. 23 on Netflix.