So thriving is Scott Cohen's career as a television guest star that, although viewers can't always think of his name, they sure do find his face familiar. Unfortunately, when a Connecticut police officer spotted the actor, he thought that it was from a Most Wanted poster, not from shows such as NYPD Blue and Gilmore Girls. As a result, "the suspect" tells TV Guide Online that a day of location work on the romantic comedy Kissing Jessica Stein turned into a drama that wasn't funny in the least.

"We were staying at this really schlocky motel near the highway, and I needed a cup of coffee," recalls the Bronx native, who plays Jennifer Westfeldt's boss and ex-boyfriend in the movie.

Sounds simple enough. But as he walked to a deli in a T-shirt and sweats, looking a mite dodgy after a rough shoot, a cop stopped him and asked what he was doing. "Being an edgy, stupid New Yorker," he admits, "I said, 'I'm buying a cup of coffee. What's it to you?'"

Thus convinced that Cohen was the fellow who had been holding up area delis, the flatfoot ordered him back to the motel for questioning. "I'm giving them phone numbers, telling them I'm an actor, I'm a famous TV celebrity," he says. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast and crew were fast asleep in their rooms. "They couldn't get in touch with anybody working on the film!"

An hour and a half into the ordeal, another boy in blue showed up and confirmed that the only thing that Cohen ever stole was a scene. He still hadn't had his java, but maybe, at least, he was able to glean from the crime fighters a little insight that he can use in his next gig, as a parole officer on the Showtime series Street Time.

"If [Kissing] hadn't been an indie," he jokes, "I would have been driven to the store or had coffee delivered!"