I want to give the whole cast and all the writers of this show a great big hug. It has been a long summer, and though at the end of last season I was a little bit annoyed with Andy and more than a little tired of Ephram, absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder. Sure, Andy was a jerk with bad timing to Nina, but she called him on it and didn't back down from her decision to stay with Dr. Dimples. And Ephram selfishly I know, he's a tormented teenager who has been through a lot took off without considering Amy or Delia, but by coming back for the wedding, it seems that his European vacation helped him grow up a little bit. I was sort of on the right track with the who was getting married thing  I thought that Rose and Harold were going to renew their vows after the cancer treatments had ended. But to give Edna and Irv a proper wedding was so sweet, and their loving vows and Irv's anxious desire to kiss the bride set a great example for this small town's conflicted couples. And while I was so pleased with Bright and Hannah's season-ending smooch, I thought for sure that the fates would keep them apart, but despite her major hair don't, they are back together and utterly adorable. The most heartwrenching scene of the night was when the unsinkable Rose Abbott confronted Amy about the way she'd been treating her. I literally felt their pain and am so glad that they've decided to open up the lines of communication, even if the first hurdle is figuring out what Amy should do about her crush on a gay guy. Somehow I'm thinking that Ephram's 11th-hour return might make that problem null and void.